After the launch of the debut album, Born to be Free, we have been working on a selection of new tracks for our second project album.

Some of our recent hair-brained schemes and murmerings include:

  • Conceptual design of some new digital animation
  • A series of Muscular Rose inspired t-shirt designs
  • Talk of a possible Muscular Rose art and multimedia exhibition

Coordination of these things can be somewhat tricky living on different shorelines of the country, but we have plans. Plans of plans of plans, even. Planning that can be seriously hard work.

Life is busy. But planning stuff in your imagination is a big part of the fun. Whilst Peter keeps throwing music bits at me, I will do my utmost to throw song bits back at him. In this way we might eventually have something we can squeeze through a gristle-mill and call another album. Personally, I can’t wait. Keep them coming, Peter.

Tania Rose