Muscular Rose is the collaborative project of Peter Grigoriadis and Tania Rose, two Adelaide-born artists living on opposite sides of Australia. Peter's industrial and eclectic trip-hop-style instrumental music blends with the multi-instrumental organic talents of composer and singer/songwriter Tania Rose, to create a down-beat and earthy-come-angelic moody debut album in "Born to be Free".

Written, Engineered, and Produced by Peter Grigoriadis and Tania Rose (they built it)
Original mixes by Peter Grigoriadis and Tania Rose (they made it make sense)
Final Mix and Mastering Engineer Simon Rigby (he made it all shiny)

"With songs which brush the skirt-hems of world, trip-hop, and electronica, one could easily get the feeling that they've heard some of these tracks on mainstream radio, such is their appeal. It's easy to hear why downbeat music of this calibre is so popular with music-lovers who truly want to hear something new and intriguing every time they listen to a track. Muscular Rose have succeeded in creating a veritable audio smorgasbord with each of these delicious tracks from this album."

Soul, funk, world music and the classics influence this unusual partnership, where visual art is as much an influence as sound. Brought about through a fledgling friendship, separated by thousands of kilometres, Peter and Tania discovered a special and unique connection in music that gave rise to a deep and ongoing long-distant collaboration project known as Muscular Rose. This debut album is their first recording, and contains their first batch of melodic chill-out songs. Spanning several years, this project created a unique working partnership in which all of the songs evolve from the physical distance between the two artists, and where a passion for the creative has forged a dedication towards their collaboration on both a personal and a musical plane.

Tania Rose: Ambient, Melodic, Eclectic, Harmonic, Instrumentive
Peter Grigoriadis: Expressive, Industrial, Explorative, Global, Articulate

Tania Rose is well-known for her mostly instrumental music in the ambient music genre and, as an eclectic multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, adds her unique improvisational techniques to Peter Grigoriadis’ industrious production processes. This unique partnership results in a warm blend of the musician and the craftsman, where their music is created via the airwaves, rarely spending time in the same state, let alone in the same room.

Within their mutual admiration lies the key to their results. They both have “big ears”, able to recognise and interpret each other’s musical movements as they bandy back and forth their ideas and recordings to each other. A somewhat unusual working process, but one which produces tracks which reflect their strong connection.