TANIA ROSE AKA "Tee Arrrrr" is one of those effortlessly capable human beings who is able to pick up any instrument and make noises that sound both calming and nice. Her style flows beyond any particular genre of music and simply fills the vacuum of the soul with a serene and very intimate hug.

So it’s without much surprise to find that TeeArr has more than one music album under her hat, and a wealth of experience when it comes to the finer details of living off one’s art.

Not feeling restrained by one area of artistic endeavour, Miss Rose has also flaunted with graphic design, and the odd video as well - showcasing a talent for imagery and organisation that is highly tuned and lacking only in serious cash to really show off her skills.

It was a random and highly advantageous event that I met TR on the art site redbubble. Humour being so important to me, we kicked it off immediately.

Since then Tania has shown herself to be not only a highly creative soul, but a very philosophical one - which permeates every facet of her multi-hued soul. This is also reflected by her three beautiful and wonderful children. Not only an artist, philosopher but a mother as well!

MuscularTeeth really finds the collaboration with Tania works so well. With so much in common, yet with also individual skillsets, the Muscular Rose team has a bright future ahead of itself.